Can you take a jeep soft top through a carwash? (2024)

Can you take a jeep soft top through a carwash?

Page 106 - “Do not run a fabric top through an automatic car wash. Window scratches and wax build up may result.”.

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Can you go through a carwash with soft top Jeep?

One of the questions we often get about car wash safety is what types of vehicles can go in the car wash, especially whether we can wash convertibles and soft-topped Jeeps. Can these cars go through the wash? And our answer is yes!

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Can you wash a Jeep soft top?

Go Through a Carwash With a Soft Top: If your Jeep is outfitted with a soft top, make sure to steer clear of the car wash. Going through a car wash can tear the seams, scratch the windows, and otherwise damage a soft top. As such, it's safest to wash your Jeep by hand.

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Can you go through a car wash with a soft top roof?

Yes, you can put a soft top through a car wash, but remember, not all car washes are made equal. The older nylon brush types are fairly rare these days, but they are safe to use on an infrequent basis. We would have more concern about their effect on your paintwork than your hood.

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What is the best thing to clean Jeep soft tops with?

You could splurge and buy expensive cleaning products to clean your Jeep soft top and vinyl windows but the truth is that good old water and vinegar will do just fine. The acidic nature of vinegar will kill bacteria and dissolve dirt and grime but it's not harsh enough to damage your soft top fabric.

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Is Jeep soft top waterproof?

Although a Jeep soft top utilizes fabric, the material is entirely waterproof so it is leak proof throughout the year. In winter, it also retains heat so you do not have to worry about drastic temperature changes while driving.

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How long does Jeep soft top last?

Like anything else, some preventive maintenance can go a long way in prolonging a top's life, but somewhere around five to 10 years, depending on usage and material quality, it is probably time to start really inspecting your top.

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Can I pressure wash my soft top?

Allow the protector to dry completely before returning the vehicle to your customer. Be sure to inform them not to expose the soft top to any moisture until the protector has fully dried. Can I use a pressure washer on a fabric car roof? It is not recommended to use a pressure washer on a fabric car roof or soft top.

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Can I take a soft top Bronco through a car wash?

Ford Bronco SUVs equipped with a soft-top roof (standard for four-door Bronco SUVs) should not be cleaned at automatic car washes since this can potentially scratch the soft-top roof's side windows.

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Should you take a soft top convertible through a car wash?

High-quality convertible roofs will not be damaged by most automatic car washes. If you bought your convertible second hand and are unsure of the quality of the fabric roof, then you will need to apply extra caution.

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Can you drive a soft top in the rain?

A convertible (soft) top is made from vinyl-coated fabric. It's not only perfectly waterproof but very durable as well. Once locked in the closed position, and properly sealed to the windshield frame, they normally don't leak. So in that sense, they're no different than a hard top.

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How do you clean cloudy Jeep soft top windows?

Eventually that will turn yellow from the haze trapping the UV from the sun. Use either Novus or Meguiars multi-step plastic window polish to remove the haze. Even with the multi-step polish it will still take some serious elbow grease to remove the haze and minor scratches.

Can you take a jeep soft top through a carwash? (2024)
Can you use a soft top in the winter?

In essence, there is no reason not to drive your convertible throughout the winter. In modern cars, the folding roof seals thoroughly and is well insulated so you will stay both warm and dry. And even older models can be safe and comfortable choices for winter with a few precautions.

How do you dry out a wet Jeep Wrangler?

A: Start with a good-quality wet-dry vacuum and vacuum everything until you don't see the vacuum pulling any more water out of the seats and carpet. When you have the interior as dry as possible, close up your Jeep and run the air conditioner on high speed.

How often should you waterproof a soft top car?

Apply to a dry top and allow Ultra Proofer to dry completely before applying further product or taking out in the rain. Use every at least every 6–12 months. Use on vinyl soft tops. Forget to stir not shake the Ultra Proofer prior to use.

Are soft top Jeeps cold in the winter?

Soft tops aren't very insulating, so the cold air can permeate throughout the interior cabin even with the heat on. Snow can also weigh down the top and even break it if enough gathers on top. Noisy: Given that soft tops aren't very insulated, you'll find the driving experience to be louder overall.

Is rain bad for soft top convertible?

Moisture from humidity, rain, sleet, or snow can cause mold and mildew and also crack or peel the soft convertible top.

Is a Jeep soft top loud?

So for what it's worth, driving a Jeep JL Wrangler Rubicon with mud tires and a Sky One-Touch Power Soft Top down the highway at 70 mph is a bit louder than vacuuming your living room and a touch quieter than cleaning up after dinner.

Is a Jeep soft top good for the snow?

Soft-top Jeep Wrangler tops are viable in the winter but the lack of insulation and support makes them a less desirable option. So, if you plan on using a soft top cover in the winter, make sure you use one that's made with premium materials like a 4-ply composite that has a PVC outer layer.

Do Jeep soft tops fade?

While Jeep owners love the sun, the sun is not nice to our soft tops. The UV rays of the sun cause the fabric to fade, threads to fail, and our vinyl windows to yellow, crack, and fade. For these reasons, we must spend time learning the best way to clean jeep soft tops to prolong their life.

How long does it take for a soft top to dry?

Allow the top to dry for approximately three hours, this will depend on the drying conditions. The Reviver may dry out more quickly if it is a warm day and may take longer to dry if it is a damp day!

How do you get green off a soft top?

Milton baby bottle sterilising tablets, dilute as directed and apply with a soft nail brush to the affected area, leave for 5 minutes then rinse thoroughly. This is the best way.

How do you get bird poop off a soft top car?

Put the ice cube on the area allow it to melt into the dried droppings a little, this will freeze the dropping and allow easier removal, then simply rinse off the area with clean water. Now would be a good time to clean the whole soft top too, so why not clean the entire top with the Fabric Soft Top Cleaner!

Is soft washing safe?

Not only does the soft washing method clean surfaces, such as your roof, deck, patio, siding, or fence, safely and thoroughly, it also maintains paint and masonry longer.

What is considered a soft wash?

Soft washing runs water through a pump and hose with very little pressurization. The pump can also direct the cleaning solution mixture through the hose. Then the hose is directed at the surface being cleaned and the water mixture is sprayed out.

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